Future Harvest CASA; Growing Support in Baron Landscapes

To say Future Harvest CASA, commonly called CASA, has helped foster the new cropping of small-scale farmers in the Chesapeake Bay area would be a dramatic understatement. The majority of small-scale farmers leverage their various workshops and training methods, along with the network of contacts they provide. What’s more, they’ve expanded their advocacy efforts to […]

Scheible’s: It Takes a Village…or a Restaurant

    The interview with prior restaurant owner Sally Scheible was special for several reasons. For one, Scheible’s restaurant was undoubtedly an example of Southern Maryland food culture, from its locally-sources seafood to its boisterous clientele. Secondly, Sally has maintained an intimate and unique relationship with my family for generations—in fact, my mother was one […]

Janemark Winery; Emergence of the Senses

  While not an entirely new phenomenon to Southern Maryland agriculture, wine production over the last few years has grown rapidly. Following the Tobacco Buyout, many previous tobacco farms were converted to wine-growing farms in efforts to make agriculture more profitable and to introduce local wine to Southern Maryland palates. My investigation of Maryland wine […]